The Colder Side of Global Warming

UN Climate Exit Poster

Mr. President:  You have been lied to.

The Pope has also been lied to, and has been prevented from hearing the truth.

(A): The entire premise - vilifying CO2, is faulty!

So: Kyoto, the 1992 UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, the 2015 Paris Accords, and EPA’s Endangerment finding, are all worthless!


(B): There is NO relationship between rising CO2 and Sea-Level Rise, NONE WHATSOEVER!


(C): US Hurricane and Tornado (1) frequency and (2) severity???  They actually declined as CO2 has risen.

(D): Plants desperately need CO2 and they, in turn, feed all animal life on the planet!!!

The NASA TRCS group has addressed CO2 and brilliant analysis by NASA TRCS’s Dr. Hal Doiron puts a realistic upper bound of CO2‘s temperature effect of no more than 1.2° C.

Yet in light of A, B, C, and D above, we still need to extricate ourselves from flawed deals!


Verified and validated evidence of A, B, & C? (NASA Houston recap of 2016 World Congress on Oceans presentation – Qingdao, China) (34 min), or (18 min): 

& for D: &

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