The Colder Side of Global Warming

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Magazine Article (Forbes)

Forbes Magazine” article by Professor Larry Bell, 6-12-2012 quotes me with precision.

                            NASA & UN Letters

These letters received widespread publicity and I was honored to be asked to join in the effort that created them.  My NASA climate colleagues were involved in all three, and the UN letter was abetted by Lord Monckton’s personal intercession on behalf of the signatories and other rational thinkers who couldn’t be present as delegates at the Qatar conference.  I was personally involved in the drafting process of these letters.

First NASA Letter

This British article contains the first NASA letter, quotes me accurately, and covers the letter well.

TheWeek: “Ex-Nasa scientists tell Nasa to stop ‘unproven’ climate change talk”

NASA 2nd letter

This link contains the follow-up letter that responded to NASA’s official answer that they don’t make predictions which they then proceeded to make eight days after sending their reply.  The comments following the description show that WUWT, the most accessed climate website in the world, attracts a most worthy readership.  BTW, I’m seated rightmost on the conference image! 

Letter to the UN Secretary General

This letter was signed by a few of my NASA colleagues and over a hundred scientists from all over the world attempting to inject reason into the 2012 UN Climate conference held in Qatar, and was accurately reported in the Financial Post.

  Video Clip - Professor Don Easterbrook (VERY worthwhile!)

Testimony (3/26/13) on "Climate Change" before the Washington state Senate Energy, Environment & Telecommunications Committee.  An intelligent, Data Oriented look at Climate!


                             Video clip (2 hours)

    Astronaut and Scientist Panel at Heartland’s Chicago 2012 Climate Conference

(to view, combine both lines above into one URL, i.e. after the ? immediately combine the v=c6...)

This video is well worth viewing in its entirety!!!  Leighton Stewart is on from 3:25 - 14:40.  Apollo 7 Astronaut Walt Cunningham runs from 14:40 - 28:30.  Apollo 17 Astronaut (& US Senator) Harrison (Jack) Schmitt from 28:40 - 42:25 and Scientist/Engineer Hal Doiron (The TRCS Group) from 43:00 - 51:32.  Portions specific to me are from 51:35 - 57:10 (Letter Background), 59:15 - 66:40 (CO2 Disconnect & Sea-Level issues), 70:50 - 71:30 (2nd Letter issues), 81:20 - 81:55 (Reactions to the letters), and 83:45 - 84:15 (Data accessibility issues).

       President Bush gets a “Don’t Tread on Me” T-Shirt

A delightful turn of events at Barnacle Billy’s Lobster Pound in Ogunquit, Maine!!

National Climate Assessment of April 2014 (1st Reaction)

The National Climate Assessment of 2014 is (perhaps) the latest desperate attempt to cajole popular support for “Carbon Taxation” in the face of flatlining Global atmospheric temperatures.  I address one issue in an e-mail to my NASA and other colleagues, here: NCA Tom'sFirstReaction.pdf

              ICCC-9 Las Vegas Panel Participation

I attended the Heartland Las Vegas 9th climate conference, and joined Apollo Astronaut Walt Cunningham and NASA Johnson Space Scientist Hal Doiron on a climate panel


The “Ex-NASA” Panel:


Not my best presentation, as I ran into a brutal (off screen) time cut-off.


I also had the privilege of spending time out there with some world famous Sea-Level experts!!!

The 2015 Heartland ICCC-10 Washington DC conference was a Gem!

Here’s a direct link to my “Measuring the Measurements” talk.  The link goes directly to my portion, but you can easily scroll back to see the rest, and I have a part in the Q&A that follows: 


In the Q&A portion from 103:44 to 106:09, I address the Thomas Karl study that suggests the atmospheric temperature “pause” or “hiatus” should be questioned.  No other previous data set agrees with this study!!!     My reply to the question gives a brief explanation as to why this “study,” unsupported by other examples, has major faults.  

Then a web post from the highly regarded “Junk Science” website that  reacted when I corrected a misattribution in my June ICCC-10 talk:


The quick link to my FAQ page, referred to in the link above, is:  


The instrumentation to accurately measure the results of ALL efforts, worldwide, to reduce CO2 has yet to be invented!!!

Pre-UN Climate Press Conference on SEA-LEVEL and the Human Condition in NYC held by LaRouche PAC.  Every Third World Nation should see this VideoClip!!!

Here’s a direct link to a small subset of my upcoming part in the 10th Annual Water Conference that will take place in Bulgaria; my “Sea-Level Measurements” talk.”

The link goes directly to my portion, but you can easily scroll back to see the rest for its context, and i have a substantial part in the Q&A that follows:

Of course, feel free to forward all of the above links on this page to interested parties!

Cover of French Language Cameroon Newspaper with Climate Headline

Here’s the link to the extensive French & English versions of the interview:


It doesn’t always have to be about something I am personally involved in!!!

Here’s Tony Heller, AKA Steve Goddard, starting off slowly, but ending up with a video-full of evidence, a “Tour de Force” showing that our climate data sets have been corrupted, and in a big, very big, way!!! 


Press Conference by the LaRouche Organization’s Executive Intelligence Report Held at the National Press Club in Washington DC on January 26, 2016.

I was an invited guest speaker at this event.  The room was gratifyingly and surprisingly filled considering it was the aftermath of a snowstorm that left over three feet of snow in the surrounding area.  I spoke about the relationship of CO2 and Sea-Level Rise and NASA subjects, and Helga Zepp-LaRouche gave comprehensive economic oriented insights on the current world situation that transcended international boundaries and placed a context for its understanding in the hands of attendees.  Audience participation was intense and on point!!!


The 2017 Heartland ICCC-12 Washington DC conference was an informational breakthrough - a stunning assemblage of people thoroughly knowledgable on Climate, Energy, and Environmental Reality!!!

Here’s how you get to all of it:

Here’s how you get to the individual presentations (including mine):

Here’s how you get to a playlist of all 56 presentations, from start to finish:

In June, 2017, I became part of a New Hampshire TV series called “Winds of Change” on climate - my input is primarily in part 6 and a bit in part 7.  This is worth watching in its entirety!

This is my own portion: 

Why Support the NASA Space Program & why now go to Phobos, the fast moving inner moon of Mars!!!

Presentation (my portion) delivered in NYC December 30, 2017 to the LaRouche Manhattan Project Town Hall Meeting

Comprehensive Weather, Sea-Level, and Solar Talk With a Focus on SLR in Virginia, Delivered to NASA TRCS.

Presentation on actual CGPS validated Sea-Level Rise, delivered at the EIKE Conference, in Munich, Germany, November 23, 2018. You can skip the German intro by going to 1:20      

If CO2 is linked to Sea-Level Rise, when is ANY evidence of this widely-held belief going to show up?

August Ice picture:

A beautiful picture of Arctic summer ice pools!

14 May 2019 Event in the German Bundestag


Lord Christopher Monckton (UK), Prof. Henrik Svensmark (DK), Prof. Gernot Patzelt (A), and I, (US), Took Issue With the Revenue Diversion Attributed to the EU’s CO2 Management Policy

Sponsored by Germany’s Growing A f D Party (Alternative for Germany), the event showed the clear rationale of AfD’s climate position!

Here is the official video from AFD Bundestag Channel from the event:

(In German, but slides in English).

TRCS Chair Hal Doiron and I were guests on the Dan Yorke Show on WPRO in Providence Rhode Island with substitute host John Loughlin who once worked at JSC as a contractor for JSC Public Affairs.

Here is the link: Tom Wysmuller & Hal Doiron : Climate Change